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Male Waxing – Sydney CBD

Get Male Waxing in Sydney CBD at MANKiND

MANKiND is a boutique that focuses on male waxing in Sydney CBD and other male services, including facials and specialised massages. MANKiND Sydney CBD is fully compliant with all healthcare guidelines and follows very strict procedures to ensure that no cross contamination can occur during their male waxing services. These guidelines include a no “double dipping” policy. MANKiND Sydney prides itself on the quality of male waxing service it provides to all of its clients and also the quality of experience it provides to them. MANKiND Sydney is results orients and relaxation oriented.

They want to make sure that all of their clients are both satisfied with the results of the services they receive and also are relaxed and ready to come back for more. MANKiND Sydney’s focus is creating long-term customers and that is why they are so focused on customer satisfaction with their male waxing and other services and have been all 11 years they have been open thus far.

Sydney Male Waxing Services Are an Often Overlooked but Much-Needed Service MANKiND Offers

An often overlooked, yet very important and needed service is male waxing. In today’s world, women are not the only people who are focused on taking care of themselves and their waxing needs. However, female and male skin is very different and thus their waxing needs are also different. That is why MANKiND Sydney CBD focuses on male clients and has specialised waxing processes made specifically for their needs, included specialised waxing strips for larger areas like their legs, back, shoulders, and chest, and specialised wax for more sensitive areas, including the pubic area.

MANKiND Is Not Just Focused on Male Waxing in Sydney but Also Facials and Specialised Massages

Though MANKiND Sydney’s specialised male waxing in Sydney is one of the services the organisation is known for, it also offers unique facials and massages for its male clients. MANKiND Sydney’s facials start with a double cleansing and then follow with a thorough skin analysis of their male clients to assess which type of facial they would most benefit from. Just like their male waxing services, MANKiND Sydney’s facials are results focused. They want to make sure their male clients are please with the results of their facials like they are with their waxing services.

MANKiND Sydney not only provides male waxing and facial services, but they also provide three different types of specialised massages for their clients. These massages include the traditional relaxation massage, which is so important for men who rarely take time out for themselves, as well as the less traditional remedial and sports massages. Remedial massage includes both deep and light strokes to relieve muscle spasms in specific areas. Remedial massages are very good for specific areas that are experiencing some type of pain or trauma. Sports massage is focused on helping athletes recover after they have performed. Whether it is tennis, rugby, or sprinting, MANKiND’s sports massage will help you get back on the court or playing field faster than simply taking a break will.

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