MANKiND | Mens Facial – Melbourne CBD
Mens Facial – Melbourne CBD

MANKiND Offers Mens Facial in Melbourne CBD

When one thinks of facials in Melbourne CBD, very few people think of mens. However, mens facial services in Melbourne are some of the most important and often overlooked services. Melbourne men need facial services even more than most women due to their extra exposure to Melbourne’s sun as well as the microtrauma their faces experience due to daily shaving. MANKiND Melbourne mens facial services are specialised to mens skincare needs.

MANKiND Offers Various Packages for a Mens Facial in Melbourne

MANKiND has numerous different packages for mens facials in Melbourne CBD. If you are in a hurry, you can get the Face Treatment Express, which includes MANKiND’s exclusive double cleanse mens facial treatment. The Face Treatment Express male facial package only takes 30 minutes, and is the perfect little pick me up before an important event or just between regular deep cleansing mens facial treatments. If you have a little more time on your hands, MANKiND’s Face Treatment mens facial package is for you. This mens facial package is customised to suit your skin and targets all of mens main skincare and facial concerns, including congestion, shaving irritation, ingrown hairs and Melbourne sun damage. MANKiND Melbourne also has 15-minute additions you can choose to add to your package, including their specialised face massage, firming face mask, anti ageing eye mask, nail maintenance, stress relief back massage, and even reflex foot massage.

When Looking for a Clinic Offering a Mens Facial in Melbourne CBD, Look No Further than MANKiND

MANKiND Melbourne not only offers male facial services, but it also offers other male grooming services as well. These services include male waxing and male massage. MANKiND Melbourne has specific waxing services targeted toward male skin needs. MANKiND Melbourne has specialised wax it uses for sensitive areas including the pubic area. Moreover, MANKiND meets all health organisation regulations and even follows a stringent no double dipping policy for its waxing services. MANKiND also offers numerous types of male massage, including relaxation massage, remedial massage, and even sports massage therapy. No matter the type of injury you may have or massage needs you have, MANKiND has a therapist who can help you out.

MANKiND Even Has Gift Vouchers For A Mens Facial in Melbourne

MANKiND even offers gift vouchers for all of its services. MANKiND’s services make great gift ideas for any man in your life because all men need a little more pampering than they usually get. Most men put relaxation at the very bottom of their to-do lists and rarely, if ever, actually get to it. Stress is one of the biggest medical problems in today’s high paced and on the go world. MANKiND is determined to offer high-quality stress relief and grooming services to men in a clean, discreet environment. No matter the type of man you are, MANKiND is worth a visit. You will leave pleasantly surprised at the friendliness and professionalism of the staff as well as the quality of the service. You can even make an appointment online, if you prefer.

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