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Mens Facial – Sydney CBD

Visit MANKiND and Get a Mens Facial in Sydney CBD

Visit MANKiND and get a mens facial in Sydney CBD today. MANKiND is a professional clinic that specialises in mens skin and grooming care in the Sydney CBD area. This is not your wife’s salon, but rather a male oriented clinic that offers mens facial services, mens waxing services, and even mens massage services.

MANKiND Focuses on Male Skin with Its Mens Facial in Sydney

MANKiND’s mens facial services in Sydney CBD are as varied as mens faces are. MANKiND does skin analysis to see which mens facial services their clients would best benefit from. MANKiND offers mens facial treatments including anti ageing eye masks, skin firming eye masks, and even face massage. Mens skin is very different than womens and thus requires different facial treatments. Men tend to have more sweat glands than women and also have more trauma on their faces from daily shaving. MANKiND Sydney’s mens facial treatments take all of these factors into account when creating a mens facial treatment plan. MANKiND also has treatments specifically for Sydney sun damage.

Why Is a Mens Facial in Sydney Important?

One of the most overlooked aspects of a man is their skin. Most men do not take time out to take care of their largest organ, but they should. Mens faces take a beating, especially in the Sydney harsh sun, which is why a regular facial is important. MANKiND has many different mens facial packages to choose from, from quick 30-minute treatments to longer relaxing ones. MANKiND Sydney’s mens facial treatments include their specialised double cleanse, power exfoliation, treatment masks, treatment serums, and hydration treatments. No matter what skin imperfections you may have, MANKiND’s mens facial treatments in Sydney will take care of them.

MANKiND Also Offers Mens Waxing And Massage Treatments

Not only does MANKiND take care of mens skin, but it also helps to take care of mens grooming and relaxation needs. They have specialised waxing services that are tailored to mens skin, including specialised wax for the more sensitive areas. MANKiND also follows a very strict no double dipping policy when it comes to male waxing, which helps to ensure that there is no cross-contamination during the waxing procedure. MANKiND also offers a variety of massage services, including regular relaxation massage, as well as remedial and sports massage. All of MANKiND’s massage services are not only aimed at helping you to relax, but also helping you to feel better overall.

Relax Today with a MANKiND Sydney Mens Facial

MANKiND Sydney focuses on total relaxation and mens care. The clinic follows all health guidelines and regulations to ensure that you not only have a rejuvenating experience, but also a healthy and safe one. MANKiND Sydney is the clinic to visit for all mens relaxation and grooming needs. They believe that men need to start taking more time for themselves to recoup and recover from life’s stresses and they strive to be the provider for all of mens needs in Sydney.

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