MANKiND | The Weekly Review Sept 2015
The Weekly Review Sept 2015
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Gentlemen, treat yourself at Mankind
August 14.2015 11:45 am
BY Hari Raj


Always trust a man sporting scissors on his neck.


The promise
Even if you’re used to primping and preening, there’s a tendency to let beards grow and other things go, as you bundle up for winter. Enter Mankind, which offers a range of treatments and packages for the maintenance of the discerning man, whether he needs a little touch-up or some major TLC.

The reality
I’ve booked in for a beard trim and a facial, my first time for both. Barber Steve comes highly recommended; he’s just had someone come from Sydney for a session with him. His tattoos include a pair of scissors on his neck, far more reassuring than it sounds. Steve also loves a chat, and soon has me sold on the benefits of beard oil – it’s not actually for the beard, but for the skin hidden beneath.

For the facial, Bridget patiently explains each step, customising treatments for my (dehydrated) skin. She then applies a face mask all the way up my gleaming pate, dispenses a very welcome neck and scalp massage, and swaddles me in hot towels and subtly fragrant moisturiser. I emerge from this cocoon ready to spread my wings.

The pay-off
The possums and magpies previously residing in my facial hair have been evicted, my skin is glowing, and I’m almost ready to plunge back into the working week. I’ve worn a beard for five years and this is the best it’s looked.

The pain factor
A session at Mankind’s first Melbourne branch was quite luxurious, actually.

Who should do it?
Anyone who has been peppering their conversation with the word “rejuvenation”, or needs their outer glow to match the inner one.

The bill
The beard trim was $25, the express facial $75.

Would I do it again?
Definitely. Even dazzling natural beauty such as mine can sometimes use a helping hand.

127 Toorak Road, South Yarra. 9042 4722

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