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Why Men Should Get Facials

Getting a facial seems to be the last male taboo when it comes to men looking after their body. In this modern age of green juices, gym junkies, balanced diets and supplements it’s surprising that so many men avoid caring for their largest organ; the skin.

Skin really gets a rough time. There are endless shaving routines. It’s exposed to all the daily elements; wind, sun and pollution and it’s forced to absorb harsh chemicals found in many skincare products, low-grade supermarket brand shampoos, soaps and shaving creams. A daily scrub with soap and water isn’t enough to fix your underlying issues.

With thicker skin, larger pores and a higher likelihood of sun exposure (due to outdoor professions and sport) men should be getting more facials than women. Here’s why:

Men produce more oil
Higher testosterone in men means the production of more oil in the body and face. Oil builds up deep in the pores and can lead to blackheads and pimples. Getting a deep cleansing facial with steam and extractions from a professional will help clear these pores. Oil flow is still important to the skin but we need to manage the congestion that comes from it.

Manage stress and help relaxation
Turn your phone off and take time out from the daily grind by allowing yourself 60 minutes of “me-time” where the sole focus is treating your skin, massaging your face and releasing tension from your neck and shoulders. Not only will you have healthier skin but it will also leave you with a glow and sense of calm which is difficult to find in this busy world we live in.

Relieve bumps caused by shaving
Whether it’s everyday or every two weeks, the continuous drag of a razor across sensitive facial skin can cause irritation. Razor burn, inflammation, and irritation from shaving over pimples are common consequences of shaving. The use of steam and exfoliating enzymes during regular facials loosens these hairs so they can be removed with extractions. Regular facials will alleviate the bumps and ingrown hairs caused by shaving and give you your smoothest shave ever.

It’s easy to think of a facial as something that is only for women or something you indulge in only once in a blue moon. But the benefits of a regular facial will be truly felt. So take 60 – 90 minutes for yourself and see the professionals every 6-8 weeks.

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