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Age Reversal

Designed for sun damaged, tired or dull skin. Each aspect of this treatment is selected to boost your cell metabolism, kick-start your collagen production and deeply exfoliate your skin.

Complexion Brightening

Designed to target pigmentation, freckled or uneven skin. Helps to fade and brighten a mottled complexion for a smoother and more even appearance.

Oil/Congestion Clearing

Designed for skin suffering with mild-moderate acne, old acne scarring or overactive sebaceous glands. This mattifying treatment aids in oil flow regulation and sanitises and purifies dull, sluggish and congested skins.

Sensitivity Soothing/Redness Calming

Red, inflamed, sensitive or sensitised skins will love the calming and soothing effect this treatment brings. The professional products used in this treatment cools down skin holding in heat. Helps with all kinds of sensitive skins – rosacea, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and even moderate to severe acne.


This is the perfect treatment to introduce your teen to good skin health, designed with the complexion needs of teenage skin in mind. It can help with persistent skin problems as well as preventing them before they arise.

Suitable Additions for the Teen Treatment:
Extractions + / L.E.D 20 mins / O2 / Jungle brew infusion with BT micro
Once you’ve chosen your Face Treatment please choose from the Essential and/or Dynamic Additions to enhance your facial.
Anti-Ageing Eye Treatment
Nail Tidy
Exfoliation +
Firming Face Mask
Scalp Massage
Conditioning Beard Treatment
Hand & Arm Massage
Foot Massage
Extractions +
Neck & Shoulder Massage
Face Massage
BT Micro Boost
Lactic Acid Peel
Vitamin C Infusion (with BT Micro)
Jungle Brew Infusion (with BT Micro)
Pigment Punch Infusion (with BT Micro)
Oxygen Boost


Express Medi


30 min / $99


Oxygen Plus
Lactic peel
LED Mask (15 min)
LED Mask 30 min / $149


Medi Treatments


Jungle Brew Peel / $120
Pigment Punch Peel / $120
Dermal Needling from / $250
Factor 4 (PRP) and Needling from / $450